Release date Subaru BRZ

Subaru automobiles are manufactured by Fuji heavy industries Ltd. The company is known for making good quality automobiles. Subaru BRZ is the new sports car, manufactured by this Japan based company. “BRZ” Stands for “Boxer Engine” “Real wheel drive” “Zenith”. Horizontally – opposed Boxer engine is the trade mark of Subaru.

Subaru BRZ is the new sports car of the company, which has been manufactured by keeping in mind the concept of good handling.  In this new vehicle the boxer engine has been kept as low as possible and manufacturers believe that it will provide a great handling experience. Moreover, is the joint venture of Subaru and Toyota motors, expectations of people are really great from this automobile.

As this is a sports car, so lovers of sports cars are waiting for the release date of Subaru BRZ. Another thing which has made this car the most awaiting car is the lowest center of gravity. In this car the manufactures have provided possible lowest level of gravity, for the first time in the world. Driver can experience a perfect handling grip and peace of mind.

Let’s talk about the release date of this extra ordinary vehicle. In the beginning of this year, the company had been announced that this car will be available for sale from 28th march, 2013, in Japan. Subaru dealership will be dealing the sales, officially. No date has been announced for the sale outside the Japan.

This light weight and safe car is a dream car. Its fans are all around the world. Some can import it from Japan and others are waiting for it in their own countries. Sports car lovers want to experience this unique car and the driving experience it is offering. The brand statement of Subaru is “Confidence in motion” and Subaru BRZ is another step in this direction.


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